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Creating an MVP it's an art. The main goal is to verify your idea: verify that the client will receive the value and will be ready to pay for that value, and only the second step is the functionality. We have experience in all stages of startup development and can help you increase chances for the success of your product.
In the business world, nowadays is a hard time to compete. You have to be very productive and innovative to survive - the IT industry can help you with that! Web and mobile development, data science, blockchain and many more things we can help you with. Delegate it to professionals and grow your business!
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If you already have a business and want to improve your brand, reach more clients or automate working processes - contact us. We can help you to create web resources to reach your goals!
After your product is ready and working in production you need a reliable team that can keep eye on the servers, improve functionality and optimizes performance. We can help with all of these support activities.
Join existing team
When the product evolves rapidly, very often more resources needed. In this case, new employees will speed up development, but efficiency may decline. We know how to smoothly integrate new members into existing team and not lose productivity.

Who We are


For more than 10 years we are in IT and all this time working with the technical side of startups. We know how to prioritize the scope of the right features for MVP and which technology stack will work the best for your project.


  • Honest
  • Simple
  • Experts
  • Communicative
  • Flexible
  • Using best practices


We are a small team of professional developers oriented to qualified service and client success. We think the most important ingredient of a successful startup it’s the good team. The team which knows the priorities and how to build the process. And the team which could treat your product as its own.

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